Ukraine has traditionally been one of the major grain-producing countries in the world, and its agricultural sector plays a significant role in the country’s economy. Ukraine exports a substantial amount of its grain production, including wheat, corn, and barley.Poland, being a neighboring country to Ukraine, has been one of the recipients of Ukrainian grain exports, but the situation got out of control due to the outbreak of war, when the European Union decided to exempt Ukrainian imports of agricultural products from duty. In the aftermath of the February 2022 invasion, “solidarity corridors” were established in countries bordering Ukraine as the usual Black Sea trade corridor was disrupted. Silos in neighboring countries have been flooded with cheap Ukrainian wheat, corn and rapeseed, destabilizing local markets in neighboring countries such as Poland, where grain surpluses reach up to nine million tons.

A very difficult time has come for Polish farmers who have to face the crisis. Falling prices for the congregation, overcrowded silos and lack of market for local products create a sense of injustice, especially since there is no sensible solution to this problem.