One of the tragic consequences of the conflict in Ukraine is the situation of people who became disabled as a result of the war. Hospitals are overcrowded and sanitary conditions are often very poor, so many of them do not receive adequate help.The situation of people who were previously disabled is also extremely difficult, requiring constant, specialist care which is impossible in the current situation. Humanitarian aid organized by Ukraine’s allies has many dimensions.The Polish Medical Mission, together with the Iron Wheel Foundation, provides rehabilitation and psychological help to those who need to find themselves in a new reality.They organize a center in Poznan witch necessary medical equipment, such as prostheses and wheelchairs, thanks to which these people will have a chance to move and live “normally”. All victims can count on support, care and help in recovery away from war and fear .The place is open to everyone in need – and their families- from soldiers who have lost limbs as a result of fighting, civilians who have been injured in shelling, or other previously disabled people whose situation has deteriorated significantly during the war.